Formatting Instructions

Formatting TEMPLATE

Click the link to download this MS WORD template.  Keep a copy so you can see the formatting instructions, then remove the contents and paste your abstract or paper in the document file.  Use the STYLES to format your work and submit via DigitalCommons.

Formatting Instructions for AtMA Submissions: 

If you have already submitted this year, do not worry about the format you used. These instructions were not easy to find.  I moved them here in hopes that they are more visible.

Formatting Instructions

ABSTRACT Example in Correct Format: 

Abstract Example (pdf)

PAPER Example in Correct Format:

Full Paper Example (pdf)

Electronic Submissions to Digital Commons:   
Video tutorials (Aimed at journal editors, but Steps 2-4 in particular may be helpful if anyone needs a quick refresher): 
Reference guide for events (aka “tracks”):